Friday, 14 February 2014

Nelson Letter for Sale

A letter written by Nelson to Thomas Lloyd in January 1798 has gone on sale, valued at £2000-£4000.  It was written only a few months after Nelson lost his right arm, but his left-handed writing was already clearly legible.

January 29th 1798
My Dear Lloyd,
There is nothing you can desire me to do that I shall not have the greatest pleasure in complying with for I am sure you can never possess a thought that is not most strictly honourable. I was much flattered by the Marquis's kind notice of me and I beg you will make my respects acceptable to him. Tell him that I possess his place in Mr. Palmers Box but his Lordship did not tell me all its charms that generally some of the handsomest Lady's at Bath are partakers in the Box and was I a bachelor I would not answer for being terrified, but as I am possessed of everything which is valuable in a wife I have no occasion to think beyond a pretty face. I am sorry the King is so poor, had he been worth what those Vile Dogs of opposition think, what a vast sum would have been given to the nation, but I now hope all the nation will subscribe liberally, you will believe that I do not urge others to give and to withhold myself but my mode of subscribing will be novel in its manner and by doing it I mean to debar myself of many comforts to serve my country and I expect great consolation every time I cut a slice of salt beef instead of mutton. The Vanguard will be at Sheerness next Saturday and if this wind holds she will be at Portsmouth before Thompson quits the Channel, I only pray that the French may not be ready to leave Brest I have been in a fever ever since the Boadicea's return with the account of their being ready for sea. Lady Nelson and my father thank you for your kind remembrance of them and believe me my Dear Lloyd, you most affectionate
Horatio Nelson

£4000 is rather low for a Nelson letter, so it will be interesting to see how much this one does go for.